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We are specialized in providing inspection and audit services for, Fabrics (Knits & Woven), Garments (Knits & Woven), Home Textiles, Towels, Footwear etc., The inspection team is a cohesive group of technically qualified trained and experienced Textile/Garment technologist to undertake multistage inspection that is aimed at quality up gradation of your merchandise.

We believe that only through professional excellence and uncompromising dedication to our client’s requirements we can truly fulfill our mission. We pride ourselves on our commitment, service & ethics. We offer a uniquely personal approach to our customer’s requirement.We are fully dedicated to internationally accepted inspection code and practice. We implement a strict business ethics and compliance code through out our organization.

Textiles, Clothing – Inspection Services

1.Initial Production Check - IPC

At V&A, we understand the importance of identifying potential problems with your products as early as possible in the production process, so that solutions can be found and the need for costly changes later in the production process can be eliminated. Our initial production check (IPC) is an examination of components, materials and product quality at the start of production to foresee risks and prevent resources being wasted.

2.During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

To help you maintain quality at every stage of the production process, V&A delivers during production checks (DUPROs), in which our expert consultants assess the quality of components, materials and products during manufacturing. Conducted when between 25% and 50% of your goods have been produced, and performed on-site, our DUPRO inspection service assesses samples against regulations, standards and your contractual agreements, highlighting actual or potential defects so that you can address them immediately rather than deal with costly tests and changes to your products later in the production process.

3.Final Random Inspection - FRI

Even when you have robust quality assurance and quality improvement processes in place to maintain high standards during product development and manufacture, it is still important to assess the quality and safety of your goods prior to shipment. Clients across the globe use V&A final random inspections to obtain data on batch quality and highlight defects or inconsistencies.

4.100% Inspection and Sorting

Our 100% inspection and sorting services are usually conducted on special products or products of high value, and involve the sorting of good quality products from those with defects. The latter are separated from the batch and returned for improvement or disposal. V&A 100% inspection and sorting services are a good example of how V&A is constantly developing its third party inspection services to meet the evolving needs of increasingly global markets.

5.Raw Materials INspection

A key priority for V&A is helping our clients to maintain product integrity by reducing risks in the production chain as early as possible. Our raw material inspections are a vital step in that process, helping to ensure that your supplier is meeting your specifications and giving you insight into the nature of your raw materials: Identity, Safety, Suitability for your product.

The various forms of raw material analysis we conduct are flexible enough to be used as one-off services to inform product or ingredient development or to form part of a broader program of inspections throughout the production chain. Our expert consultants will be able to advise you on the specific benefits on offer to your organization through V&A raw materials inspections.

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